25 October 2005

today's thoughts_

keep your laws off my body

men are infants and are emotionally challenged

i don't like working with lazy people

thank goodness for sex and the city

flowers make me happy

i like blankies

24 October 2005

riddle me these_

If I'm helping Don with his philosophy paper, but I do not understand what he is writing, then can I really correct him? [probably, i'm always right]

If we're supposed to be learning so much about healing environments that we become experts about them, but the environment in which we work is in no way healing, are we really learning anything? [doubtful]

If a bus is not in the computer, does it exist? [in some countries, no]

If I had the most kick-ass garden design and exquisite drawings for this damn project, would my teacher still tell me it was shit and give me a D+? [likely]

23 October 2005

and then it hit me...

like a punch in the nuts.
Not really, I just think that line is funny [it's from the movie Sin City]. But, I did encounter a sobering situation today. Remember about a month or so ago when I was super depressed about studio b/c we had just about the worst mid-crit ever, mainly due to a new faculty member who thought he should adopt a personal mission to humiliate us, because, apparently, architecture students aren't people? Anyway, I've only heard negative comments about this person from other students as well. Earlier today when I went upstairs to look at the posted course outlines for architecture theory electives, I came upon something interesting and unfortunate. [I enroll tomorrow, so this is pertinent, I promise.] My career goal is to eliminate the conditions of urban poverty, mainly with architecture, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that there is a seminar being offered called "Architecture & the Underserved." Complete with a course outline stating that we will cover extremely applicable topics such as grant writing, finding people in need, acquiring volunteers, etc. And then imagine my terror when I realized that it is taught by the previously mentioned staff member. Long story short, I think I'm going to take it b/c if he can actually teach us all the things he promises to, then it will be greatly beneficial to my career skills and personal knowledge. I guess I'll have to put my previous prejudices aside so that I can arm myself with indispensable knowledge about saving the world. Sometimes being a hero is just too much for me. *sigh*

21 October 2005


Ok_so I was in Europe and writing all kinds of interesting things, and now I'm back in Manhattan and feeling all sorry for myself b/c this year is alot harder than I thought it would be. You may be left wondering, what did I take away from my semester in Europe, besides new clothing, a taste for Czech beer and credit card bills? Well, I've been doing some thinking, and decided to share. Because of my time in Prague I:
_discovered my natural hair color
_don't need a guy to open jars, bottles, or twisty objects
_have more confidence in myself
_learned how to just jump into a situation without making any plans...and have fun doing it [for those of you who have known me for awhile, you know that's a big change]
_really want to live urban and move to a big city
_realized I learn languages quite easily
_reaffirmed that there is so much more to life than school and work
_don't hate the outdoors anymore and actually use words like 'pretty' 'beautiful' and 'nice' to describe the weather
_wish air conditioning in the States wasn't so cold
_drive less and walk more
_eat more fruits, veggies, and cheese
_try to avoid foods with alot of preservatives
_have a desire to live in Europe, or maybe Brazil for a length of time
_am more open to alternative forms of government, lifestyles, and understandings
_appreciate American hygeine much more
_am bored with the generic sense of beauty in this country
_have felt slightly lost; somewhat while I was there, somewhat before I went, and somewhat since I came back [I think it's b/c my closest friends weren't there and now we're all doing different things]
_clean less
_have more confidence in my fashion sense and am not afraid to wear colors!
_am a little less serious about things

19 October 2005

does anybody read this anymore?

A little update on the recent events of my life:

friday_project #2 mid-crit. much better than project 1. critics were actually helpful and i don't feel like stabbing myself in the head. susanne gave us the weekend off!

saturday_worked with 2 new girls, anne and leah. they're really fun. we had the most hilarious drunk guy ever come into the store. acme Empire [dusty bookshelf, acme gift & thread] employee campout at Tuttle. made s'mores, drank cider beer, ate polish sausage. bonded w/co-workers.

sunday_ate brunch with my mom. organized my life_something i haven't really been able to do. did some oz stuff and some homework.

monday_had individual meetings with our studio professor. mine went well_i no longer feel like calling her bad names...for the moment. had a tasty dinner at hibachi hut with don & jason.

tuesday_wasted time in floral design lecture. attempted to make an ugly assignment in floral lab not so ugly. spent some time hanging out with laine! worked. a photographer from the collegian came into acme and took some pictures of me working with flowers. ate at rock-a-belly. wasted time talking to people for several hours in studio.

today_gigantic [not so fabulous] picture of me in the collegian from last night. planning presentation_complete waste of time and soooooo annoying. working on studio project, web-design animations, and my portfolio. really enjoying the onset of fall. i feel some digital photo fun coming on.

11 October 2005


Ok, so you might be thinking that I've been a negative Nelly lately [or perhaps negative Nickle]. For the record, I don't really hate my life. I'm more so just making some brutally honest observations. But, not everything is annoying or bad. Here are some good things:
I thought I would gain weight this semester, but it turns out my freakish schedule and lack of money prevent me from eating too much. As it turns out, the stress diet really does work.
I really like most of the people in my studio, especially Molly, Charis and Christina. They are probably my favorite architecture girls.
I'm learning how to make a web page, which will be highly useful in the near future.
In floral design, I'm learning all kinds of things about making corsages and floral arrangements in foam. At work, my flower education is even better. So, in about 10 years from now when it's MY TURN to get married, I'll know how to do everything.
At times, I feel like I'm actually getting things accomplished.
I'm Gabe & Carrie's favorite babysitter for their daughter, Makiah, who is the most gorgeous baby girl in the entire world!
By researching for Oz, I am learning about places I may want to work after graduation. The key is finding some place Don and I agree on.
When Don and I do find time to go on dates, it's extra special since we're usually too busy.
Drinking has become a rareity, but I sure do enjoy it when I find the time.

07 October 2005

Don't you just hate...

When people highlight, underline, or write in library books

that the liquor store doesn't sell mixers or limes or corkscrews

waiting for the inevitable

not having access to your favorite hat and scarf

only hearing bad news on the tv

working really hard and getting horrible results

half-dead flowers

wishy-washy professors or supervisors


being forced to read

Because I DO!