23 October 2005

and then it hit me...

like a punch in the nuts.
Not really, I just think that line is funny [it's from the movie Sin City]. But, I did encounter a sobering situation today. Remember about a month or so ago when I was super depressed about studio b/c we had just about the worst mid-crit ever, mainly due to a new faculty member who thought he should adopt a personal mission to humiliate us, because, apparently, architecture students aren't people? Anyway, I've only heard negative comments about this person from other students as well. Earlier today when I went upstairs to look at the posted course outlines for architecture theory electives, I came upon something interesting and unfortunate. [I enroll tomorrow, so this is pertinent, I promise.] My career goal is to eliminate the conditions of urban poverty, mainly with architecture, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that there is a seminar being offered called "Architecture & the Underserved." Complete with a course outline stating that we will cover extremely applicable topics such as grant writing, finding people in need, acquiring volunteers, etc. And then imagine my terror when I realized that it is taught by the previously mentioned staff member. Long story short, I think I'm going to take it b/c if he can actually teach us all the things he promises to, then it will be greatly beneficial to my career skills and personal knowledge. I guess I'll have to put my previous prejudices aside so that I can arm myself with indispensable knowledge about saving the world. Sometimes being a hero is just too much for me. *sigh*

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