19 October 2005

does anybody read this anymore?

A little update on the recent events of my life:

friday_project #2 mid-crit. much better than project 1. critics were actually helpful and i don't feel like stabbing myself in the head. susanne gave us the weekend off!

saturday_worked with 2 new girls, anne and leah. they're really fun. we had the most hilarious drunk guy ever come into the store. acme Empire [dusty bookshelf, acme gift & thread] employee campout at Tuttle. made s'mores, drank cider beer, ate polish sausage. bonded w/co-workers.

sunday_ate brunch with my mom. organized my life_something i haven't really been able to do. did some oz stuff and some homework.

monday_had individual meetings with our studio professor. mine went well_i no longer feel like calling her bad names...for the moment. had a tasty dinner at hibachi hut with don & jason.

tuesday_wasted time in floral design lecture. attempted to make an ugly assignment in floral lab not so ugly. spent some time hanging out with laine! worked. a photographer from the collegian came into acme and took some pictures of me working with flowers. ate at rock-a-belly. wasted time talking to people for several hours in studio.

today_gigantic [not so fabulous] picture of me in the collegian from last night. planning presentation_complete waste of time and soooooo annoying. working on studio project, web-design animations, and my portfolio. really enjoying the onset of fall. i feel some digital photo fun coming on.

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