11 October 2005


Ok, so you might be thinking that I've been a negative Nelly lately [or perhaps negative Nickle]. For the record, I don't really hate my life. I'm more so just making some brutally honest observations. But, not everything is annoying or bad. Here are some good things:
I thought I would gain weight this semester, but it turns out my freakish schedule and lack of money prevent me from eating too much. As it turns out, the stress diet really does work.
I really like most of the people in my studio, especially Molly, Charis and Christina. They are probably my favorite architecture girls.
I'm learning how to make a web page, which will be highly useful in the near future.
In floral design, I'm learning all kinds of things about making corsages and floral arrangements in foam. At work, my flower education is even better. So, in about 10 years from now when it's MY TURN to get married, I'll know how to do everything.
At times, I feel like I'm actually getting things accomplished.
I'm Gabe & Carrie's favorite babysitter for their daughter, Makiah, who is the most gorgeous baby girl in the entire world!
By researching for Oz, I am learning about places I may want to work after graduation. The key is finding some place Don and I agree on.
When Don and I do find time to go on dates, it's extra special since we're usually too busy.
Drinking has become a rareity, but I sure do enjoy it when I find the time.

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