30 November 2005

opposites attract

not that smile

As the old saying, and a Paula Abdul song go, opposites attract, and Don and I are no exception. For example . . .
_Don's big, I'm little
_Don's great at math and physics but is horrible at spelling, grammar, the linguistic arts. I'm not so good at math and horrible at physics, but possess a super-human knowledge and mastery of the English language, especially in written form.
_Don loves the outdoors/wilderness. I'm an indoor activity kind of girl.
_I'm a great baker/maker of cookies. Don's expertise lies in stove-top cooking and grilling.
_A snowy day is Don's ideal day. I prefer warm temps and sunshine.
_Don is a morning person. I loathe mornings.
_Making the bed, Don style: throw blankets on top, no tucking in. Nicole style: neatly place flat sheet then cotton blanket, straighten, tuck in bottoms, complete with hospital corners.
_My motto: A place for everything and everything in it's place.
Don's Motto: Other things take priority over organization.
_Don could sleep through a tornado/hurricane/tsunami, whereas I wake up at a pin-drop.
_I have a sharp memory and rarely forget things. Don forgets things frequently.
_I keep every receipt, balance my checkbook at least weekly, and check my account daily. Don withdraws money to see how much is in his account and balances never.

As you can see, we're significantly different in many aspects. These polarities are what make our relationship work, though. Because really, if Don always put the ketchup back in the fridge where he got it, what would I have to complain about? That's right, nothing.

28 November 2005

why i hate winter

snow baby
me playing in snow_age 2-ish [i was REAL fat then, and my mom dressed me, so i didn't get cold as easily]

reasons why i hate winter, or rather, why i hate the violent onslaught of winter in kansas_
1_i'm little, therefore i get cold fast
2_temperature differential: you have to keep it hot inside, but it's really cold outside, therefore making your body have to constantly re-adjust
3_runny nose
4_slippery sidewalks
5_slippery roads and scary car experiences
6_having to wear tights or cuddleduds under my jeans - it's awkward, then you get too hot inside
7_if i wear too many shirts, my armpits get too sweaty
8_stocking caps flatten my pretty curly hair

times when i like snow or cold weather:
1_when it's not wet and cold at the same time
2_when i'm wearing proper snow attire
3_when i get to wear my mittens
4_when i don't have to go outside
5_when school gets cancelled
6_when it's sunny and cold out

18 November 2005

stupid questions

bling bling

All right, we all know you're thinking it. As a proactive measure, I've decided to provide answers to that question that I know I will be asked over the holidays. So, if you dare ask "WHEN ARE DON AND NICOLE GETTING ENGAGED?" here's a list of the responses you may receive:

_We're not. We're just going to date for the rest of our lives.

_I believe marriage is just the government's way of tracking two people at once and refuse to be monitored by those criminals.

_When YOU donate some money for a ring.

_As soon as Don gets over his affliction for attractive women and I stop using men for their money so I can feed my gambling addiction.

_We're too young to get married. We can't even pay our own bills.

_When we're someplace more romantic than Manhattan.

_We're not even out of college. Geez!

_When you stop being nosey.

And, my personal favorite:
_Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

You've been warned. [I had some help with some of these :)]

09 November 2005

little darlin'


This is Makiah. My friends Gabe and Carrie are her parents. I think she's the cutest little girl in the whole world. She likes to make funny faces and silly noises and laugh alot. And she's really chubby. I'm her favorite babysitter.

08 November 2005


binba & me

A picture of my and my Grandpa, Chuck Votapka.
On Sunday, October 30, 2005, my Grandpa passed away. Funeral services were last Friday, November 4. The day was beautiful, the funeral home was full of friends and family, and we listened to Patsy Cline. He is greatly missed and fondly remembered.