18 November 2005

stupid questions

bling bling

All right, we all know you're thinking it. As a proactive measure, I've decided to provide answers to that question that I know I will be asked over the holidays. So, if you dare ask "WHEN ARE DON AND NICOLE GETTING ENGAGED?" here's a list of the responses you may receive:

_We're not. We're just going to date for the rest of our lives.

_I believe marriage is just the government's way of tracking two people at once and refuse to be monitored by those criminals.

_When YOU donate some money for a ring.

_As soon as Don gets over his affliction for attractive women and I stop using men for their money so I can feed my gambling addiction.

_We're too young to get married. We can't even pay our own bills.

_When we're someplace more romantic than Manhattan.

_We're not even out of college. Geez!

_When you stop being nosey.

And, my personal favorite:
_Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

You've been warned. [I had some help with some of these :)]


ercwttmn said...

love it nicole!! I hope that this blog helps you clear up and questions over the upcoming holiday's

Button Monkey said...

just wait, when you do eventually marry, you will have people actually ask you when you're going to start having kids at your very own wedding reception

Parent said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. They must offer a class in creative excuses there at KSU.

Nicole said...

Like I really have a say in the matter.