28 November 2005

why i hate winter

snow baby
me playing in snow_age 2-ish [i was REAL fat then, and my mom dressed me, so i didn't get cold as easily]

reasons why i hate winter, or rather, why i hate the violent onslaught of winter in kansas_
1_i'm little, therefore i get cold fast
2_temperature differential: you have to keep it hot inside, but it's really cold outside, therefore making your body have to constantly re-adjust
3_runny nose
4_slippery sidewalks
5_slippery roads and scary car experiences
6_having to wear tights or cuddleduds under my jeans - it's awkward, then you get too hot inside
7_if i wear too many shirts, my armpits get too sweaty
8_stocking caps flatten my pretty curly hair

times when i like snow or cold weather:
1_when it's not wet and cold at the same time
2_when i'm wearing proper snow attire
3_when i get to wear my mittens
4_when i don't have to go outside
5_when school gets cancelled
6_when it's sunny and cold out

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