09 December 2005

losing never looked so good!

Tonight was the Acme Gift/Dusty Bookshelf/Thread Christmas party. We went bowling, drank beer and ate pizza. FYI, I am possibly the world's worst bowler! So, Diane, my boss, had many prizes for us. My object of interest was the LOSER trophy, which the person with the lowest score gets to sign. That's right, folks, I, Nicole Renee Ellis bowled a 30!!!!! Therefore securing myself the trophy rights AND winning the low score bag. Here's a list of my loot:
Kansas City, Missouri t-shirt
mini bottle Sauza tequila
Care Bear bubble bath
Asian Rice Candy
Pocky sticks
Colgate travel toothpaste
Butterfinger flavored chapstick [it's gross]
Farm noise maker_that doesn't make the right noises
Finger Bowling in carry case
pink ring
Asian grape bubble gum
$5.50 movie coupon
200 pesos_miniature form
"Midnight Promise" by Hebby Roman [romance novel]
Winner medal
some other candies
coupon for free custom t-shirt
10 pesos_mini
retro Christmas postcard

I'm pretty pumped about it all. This is the first time I've ever won a prize for being the worst at something!



Anonymous said...

congratulations!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

Anonymous said...

You would make any parent proud!

ercwttmn said...

ha ha ha, i love the shirt!!!!