05 January 2006


We started inventory at work yesterday, and boy is that an undertaking. "You work at a gift shop. Inventory can't be that big of a deal." You'd think that, wouldn't you? Turns out it's taking
f o r e v e r.
We have a ton of these tiny little items that we have to find and then count. Then we have several items listed in the computer that we don't have anymore, but we still have to look to make sure that they really are gone. It's tedious. But, last night I was on fire like Rainman! Someone would ask about an item, and not only could I tell them what it was and where it's located in the store, but I could frequently say how many we had, as well. Why can't I be that efficient in studio? Uses the wrong side of the brain, I guess. But, once it's done, we'll be far more organized, so it's worth it. I need to find a way to channel my idiot-savant qualities to help me in more useful applications.

A really, really sad fact: we have these sets of darling little baby socks, 6 pairs to a box. I found out yesterday that someone has been stealing baby socks! WHO STEALS BABY SOCKS? I know it's not babies. How horrible is that? It really makes me mad that someone would steal baby socks, of all things, and from a small local business. I swear, the world's going to hell in a hand basket!

03 January 2006

another year's end

Here's an update on my life since I left you last. Finals week of fall semester was the busiest and most stressful I have ever experienced. But, during that time I finished a group web page design for my Axis Web Design Class. My group's page is accessed by clicking number 4. You kind of have to discover the buttons as you go through it. I also helped my studio finish our book for programming so that we could print it. Along with another handful of tasks, I finished my final fall semester of college with flying colors.
Then, on December 17, Don and I braved the slick roads and drove to Marysville to attend my former roommate Randi's wedding. She was a beautiful bride and it was a lovely wedding. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Weller!
Don and I had 4 Christmases to attend, first at my mom's house in Topeka, then to Leawood for the Semple Christmas Eve celebration. On Christmas Day, Don and I went to visit his mother at her new house in Lenexa. Then I returned to Topeka and Don stayed in KC so he could go hunting with his dad in South Dakota later in the week. We got around to celebrating Christmas with my dad on New Year's Day. Anyway, what did I get for Christmas? The big ticket item was a sewing machine! Spring's tuition was also up there. Several gift cards, cook books, baking pans, wine glasses, sushi dishes, measuring spoons, and a custom picture frame (from Don) are also some of my new items.
I also found myself missing Prague and my Grandpa at this year's end. I wish I were going back to Europe in 2006, but I'm afraid that won't be possible. 2006 also brings the promise of graduation, a job, and moving somewhere... And adulthood_officially. Here's wishing that your new year promises as much excitement as mine.