06 February 2006

96 days till graduation

My senioritis has started to set in. I was trying to avoid it, but it's power has proven to be stronger than my willpower and attention-span. I really would like to finish my education with some amazing studio project. We'll see how that goes. Whenever I sit down to work on it, my mind wanders elsewhere. Where exactly is elsewhere? Here's a little glimpse into my head:
Darchelle's Bridal Shower_planning desserts and decorations are way more fun than studio
Darchelle's wedding invitations_I'm designing them, and that's also more fun
Looking for apartments online_I'm gonna need someplace to live once I get a job
Portfolio_I need one to get a job, probably
Looking for jobs online_I need one [highly talented, witty, creative and organized soon-to-be architect seeking rewarding and challenging position with public-service oriented architecture firm]
Arranging flowers_self-explanatory
Baking_mmmmm, i love cake
Lists/schedules_I like to waste time writing out my plans and then not following the list I made

Clearly there is no school happening in my brain. Oh welllllllll.


ercwttmn said...

i recomend getting through studio rest of the semester the same way i do. just smile and nod.

alexis said...

oh god, have delicious cakes a darchelle's bridal shower OR ELSE.

and i'm exactly like that right now too. except i just applied for about 6 jobs so all i can do is bite off all the nails i just grew out and wait for them to call or not call me... and then when they do call... i just spit out verbal vomit and they're like... yeah, i think we actually meant to call someone else, idiot.

greeeeeeeeeeeeeat. 5 years of college for NOTHING. only 10 more weeks of college.