15 March 2006

rejection number 2

Today my 2nd choice rejected me:

Hi, Nicole,

Thank you again for your interest in visiting our firm. At this point in time we are unfortunately not going to pursue an interview with you but will keep your resume on file. We wish you luck in your pursuit of employment in Chicago. It's a great city. We hope that you have a terrific visit!

At least this lady was extremely friendly and even thanked me for following up with a phone call. So, Worn Jerabek and Landon Bone Baker both don't want me. I've decided that the best method is just to go into the offices next week and instead of just being some pieces of paper, I will be a real person who is intelligent and friendly and well dressed [in my Banana Republic suit] that they just can't resist hiring. I'm guessing that it doesn't mean much up in the Windy City when you get a letter and resume from some girl in Kansas. Boy will they be surprised with the real-life personality.


alexis said...

that sounds like a good plan. i got a rejection letter today too. bummmerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Don's Dad said...

Sales is just a numbers game, don't take it personally.

Over time you learn that the secret to more sales isn't necessarily working harder on each prospect, but to get in front of more prospects.

For instance if you find that you have to send out 10 resumes to get 4 interviews, and that from those 4 interviews you can expect half of them to give you a second interview, and from those 2nd interviews you expect half of them to offer you a job. You have figured what it takes to get each job offer.

So in a nut shell, if your goal is to end up with 2 or 3 offers to choose from, in this example you would just have to make sure and send out 20 to 30 resumes and do the follow up that is required.

You’re going to do fine.

Don’s Dad.

Mindy Viamontes said...

Congrats! Worn Jearabek & Landon Bone Baker rejected me last year! Don't worry Mike and I will help you find jobs in Chicago.