28 April 2006

13 April 2006

23 years ago...

I was born. Today is my 23rd birthday. I wish I could tell you that turning 23 is really exciting, but it's not really. However, this year's birthday celebration will be post-poned a week until Don and I are in Chicago, so that's pretty exciting. Last year, I was in Venice for my birthday. But, last night, a bunch of my architecture boys joined me for a drink at Rock-A-Belly. And I'm one year closer to cheaper car insurance. Woohoo!

01 April 2006


Update. Don & I braved the spring blizzard to drive to Chicago for our spring break. We had a great time and also made some good progress on finding jobs. I won't say much about that just yet, as I don't want to jinx anything. We stayed with my friend Elizabeth, and also hung out with our new friends, Mike & Mindy Viamontes. They're architects who graduated last year and have been super helpful to Don and I in our quest to make Chicago our new home. So, yes, Don and I have definately decided to move to Chicago! The home of Oprah, the Cubs, and Frank Lloyd Wright will be home to us soon, too.

I also left my voice in Chicago, as I seem to have developed a sinus infection that left me rather hoarse. But I'm recovering. Not much else is new. Glad to see spring has decided to stick around this time.