01 April 2006


Update. Don & I braved the spring blizzard to drive to Chicago for our spring break. We had a great time and also made some good progress on finding jobs. I won't say much about that just yet, as I don't want to jinx anything. We stayed with my friend Elizabeth, and also hung out with our new friends, Mike & Mindy Viamontes. They're architects who graduated last year and have been super helpful to Don and I in our quest to make Chicago our new home. So, yes, Don and I have definately decided to move to Chicago! The home of Oprah, the Cubs, and Frank Lloyd Wright will be home to us soon, too.

I also left my voice in Chicago, as I seem to have developed a sinus infection that left me rather hoarse. But I'm recovering. Not much else is new. Glad to see spring has decided to stick around this time.


sloring said...

You'd best become a Cubs fan, if you know what's good for you. :)

alexis said...

isn't finding a job like the worst thing ever in the history of awful things?

oh ps: i saw your mom the other day in lawrence.

and another ps: i'm not going to do that fellowship. it turns out living on beans is only possible if you live in kansas. more later.