26 May 2006

a highly anticipated 5 top fives

in the kitchen
1_1950's aluminum dessert cups [picture later]
2_bamboo cutting board
3_russell wright 1940's dishes
4_dishwasher [in my new chicago kitchen!]
5_czech beer

in the closet
1_banana republic pantsuit
2_colorful scarf from prague
3_sewing machine
4_bata black loafers [prague]
5_old grey yale t-shirt

in my purse
1_the purse itself
2_matching zip tote
3_new business card holder
4_keys to my parents house on silver heart keychain

on/in my desk
2_the desk [old metal one]
3_pictures of makiah
4_arsenal of cards for any occassion
5_ribbon for wrapping the perfect gift

in my [new chicago] apartment
1_THE VIEW! [pics later]
2_exposed brick walls
3_new neighbors [mr & mrs viamontes + leelou]
4_artpiece from venice + matching frame don made
5_grace, the prettiest chair in the world, from room & board

i tag alexis ann hallman and allison beardmore


MV [squared] said...

It's about time...Yay! Glad to see you're back. I am also glad to see that I made it on the top five!

allie_b said...

hey thanks for the tag...i suppose that means I should do a top 5 fives...so I will be accomplishing that shortly! have a fabulous time in Chicago and tell Don hello for me! ps. I am in prague for a month more and I am loving it...I dont want to leave!