28 June 2006

love, in grey flannel

Behold, the newest member of our family, Grace. Grace comes to us from Room & Board, a fabulous furniture store. We've been longing to have Grace in our home since we first saw her in March, and now she's finally here! Thanks to Don's mom, we now have a lovely place to sit. When it comes to home furnishings, it's hard to beat the timeless lines of mid-century design. Say hello to our new friend!

26 June 2006

sweet home chicago

[view from my apartment]

I know, I know. I've been lazy about posting since I moved to Chicago. There's just been so much to do, that it hasn't been a priority. And I had to find the cable to transfer pictures to my laptop. With that said, here's what's been happening in my new city.
The trip here went smoothly. My Dad and I loaded a 5x8 Uhaul trailer and the bed of his truck [with cover on] with Don and my furniture and boxes. The only furniture we have is a bed, nightstand, bookshelf, desk, and one slightly deflated bean bag. Plus four wood folding chairs. We've chosen to be minimalists until we can buy what we really want, piece by piece.
I arrived on Saturday June 10. On Monday the 12th, I had a job interview. I went in not knowing much about the firm, except that they are really small and do some residential. I left really liking their work and the people. They do alot of residential work, but what I would call 'architecture for normal people.' Most of their clients are middle class families that never considered that they would be able to afford an architect. The firm is also very pro-socially conscious design. On Wednesday they offered me a job! I start July 10.
[daytime view from my apartment]
With the job search out of the way, Don and I have been enjoying the city. We attended a performance of the Joffrey Ballet! Another fabulous discovery was Greek Town, with it's signs written in Greek, market selling fresh feta and olives, delightful little bakeries. I learned what a crazy task it is to drive in the city, or to try and drive out of it.
So, I love this city. I love our apartment. I love having time to enjoy life again.
[eric, this is for you_my vintage favorites]

05 June 2006

semester in review

I did it. I graduated from college. My blog posts were lacking during the final semester, so I owe you a summary. Here's what happened during my last semester of college_

January 13_I began the semester enthused. That enthusiasm was abruptly squandered the first day of studio when my instructor told us our search for employment should in no manner interfere with school, and that basically our job searches wouldn't be supported. Boo.
February 14_Acme Gift turned into a wonderland of flowers. I skipped studio to help fill all of our flower orders. I loved it!
March 11_Laine and I threw Darchelle the classiest of bridal showers. We got to try out our event planning skills and ideas. It was a success.
March 20_Upon my stubborn insisting, Don and I drove through a spring blizzard to Chicago. He found out that when I decide to do something, nothing can stop me. I had decided we were going to Chicago and finding jobs. We spent time with my dear friend Elizabeth, and found 2 new dear friends in Mike & Mindy Viamontes. Boldly, we marched ourselves around the city and knocked on several architectural doors in search of careers. Although some optimistic prospects evolved, no instant jobs were found. What was found was some of the best sushi, pizza and beer in Chicago!
April 13_One month until graduation and I turned 23. Nothing too eventful.
April 20_A flying trip back to Chicago for interviews and the Chicago Women in Architecture Brunch. Don had scored 2 interviews, and I had one. Mine went very well, but not as good as Don's. He received 2 job offers, both during the interview. He decided to accept the offer from Krueck + Sexton, one of the very best firms in Chicago. On Sunday, Mindy & I attended the Chicago Women in Architecture brunch. The event was wonderful. This trip also gave me the discovery of THE very best flower shop in Chicago, we spent a little bit of time with Don’s mom, stayed with Mike & Mindy, and finally an apartment after a disappointing search.
May 9_Beautiful little Makiah turned 1, and we celebrated with cupcakes and a messy, messy little girl.
May 13_Graduation! Don and I had a big party with lots of family to celebrate. My friend Chris also got married the same day and we had fun at the reception.
May 19_My last day at Acme Gift. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to leave a job. It’s been one of my very favorite things about this year. Diane and David were wonderful “bosses” and I loved working for them.

Since then, Don and I have been packing and preparing for Chicago. Don started work last Tuesday, and I move there on June 10. Talk about an eventful few months.

02 June 2006

strap one on and call me mister

$10 bucks says my entire day/evening was more exciting than yours. The day started early with my big pre-moving garage sale. I made a monumental $85 for myself, $57 for my mother, and $40 for Al & Julia. That's a hell of garage sale. To top that off, we loaded up the leftovers and took them straight to Goodwill. What's more exciting than that? Just you wait. My mom and I went out to a bar/restaurant for TGIF with one of my mom's best friends, Sue, and some other ladies. After chugging 1.5 local brews [they went down as smooth as a cold Staropramen in Prague], I was a weeeeee bit buzzed. Sue asked everyone what they wanted to do next. The options were as follows: 1.attend a Passions party 2.attend Hawkfest 3.go see a movie. No one voted for the movie, most people voted for the Hawkfest, which is a free jazz festival, and some people voted for the Passions party. So Sue decided we would crash the Passions party and then go to Hawkfest. What is a Passions party you ask? Well, it's like Tupperware or Mary Kay, except with dildos and lubes and edible lotion. That's right. I went to a sex toy party with my MOTHER! Awkward it was not. Hysterical it was. I heard the word "clitoris" more times tonight than I have in my whole life. I also touched a [yipes] dildo for the first time ever. Infact, I touched about 15 of them. Here's my take on the deal_some housewife decided that her sex life wasn't exciting enough, and that lots of other women had the same problem, so she decided that in true housewife fashion, she would peddle product to women in their homes. But instead of keeping your pies and celery fresh, this keeps your sex life fresh. Think about it.