28 June 2006

love, in grey flannel

Behold, the newest member of our family, Grace. Grace comes to us from Room & Board, a fabulous furniture store. We've been longing to have Grace in our home since we first saw her in March, and now she's finally here! Thanks to Don's mom, we now have a lovely place to sit. When it comes to home furnishings, it's hard to beat the timeless lines of mid-century design. Say hello to our new friend!


Amy said...

man, nothin says comfort like gray flannel! hahah

alexis said...

wow, you are like a grown up with furniture like that.

Nicole said...

What can I say, we have a weakness for nice furniture.

bobvotapka@yahoo.com said...

Hi Nicole,
What a great and exciting next phase of your life.
Binba would be so proud and I am sure that he would have claimed Grace as his own when he visited.

ps; I assume that you have a new email address please forward to me when you have a chance.

Your East Coast Cousins

sloring said...

yeah it sucks, especially since I have to be up at 7am every day!