05 June 2006

semester in review

I did it. I graduated from college. My blog posts were lacking during the final semester, so I owe you a summary. Here's what happened during my last semester of college_

January 13_I began the semester enthused. That enthusiasm was abruptly squandered the first day of studio when my instructor told us our search for employment should in no manner interfere with school, and that basically our job searches wouldn't be supported. Boo.
February 14_Acme Gift turned into a wonderland of flowers. I skipped studio to help fill all of our flower orders. I loved it!
March 11_Laine and I threw Darchelle the classiest of bridal showers. We got to try out our event planning skills and ideas. It was a success.
March 20_Upon my stubborn insisting, Don and I drove through a spring blizzard to Chicago. He found out that when I decide to do something, nothing can stop me. I had decided we were going to Chicago and finding jobs. We spent time with my dear friend Elizabeth, and found 2 new dear friends in Mike & Mindy Viamontes. Boldly, we marched ourselves around the city and knocked on several architectural doors in search of careers. Although some optimistic prospects evolved, no instant jobs were found. What was found was some of the best sushi, pizza and beer in Chicago!
April 13_One month until graduation and I turned 23. Nothing too eventful.
April 20_A flying trip back to Chicago for interviews and the Chicago Women in Architecture Brunch. Don had scored 2 interviews, and I had one. Mine went very well, but not as good as Don's. He received 2 job offers, both during the interview. He decided to accept the offer from Krueck + Sexton, one of the very best firms in Chicago. On Sunday, Mindy & I attended the Chicago Women in Architecture brunch. The event was wonderful. This trip also gave me the discovery of THE very best flower shop in Chicago, we spent a little bit of time with Don’s mom, stayed with Mike & Mindy, and finally an apartment after a disappointing search.
May 9_Beautiful little Makiah turned 1, and we celebrated with cupcakes and a messy, messy little girl.
May 13_Graduation! Don and I had a big party with lots of family to celebrate. My friend Chris also got married the same day and we had fun at the reception.
May 19_My last day at Acme Gift. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to leave a job. It’s been one of my very favorite things about this year. Diane and David were wonderful “bosses” and I loved working for them.

Since then, Don and I have been packing and preparing for Chicago. Don started work last Tuesday, and I move there on June 10. Talk about an eventful few months.


ercwttmn said...

just wanted to wish both you and don good luck in chicago, i'll miss you both.

the "steak dinner" offer is still on the table.

alexis said...

just wanted to suggest that you update your blog once in a freaking blue moon. just a suggestion. see you in two weeks!!!!!! love, al