26 June 2006

sweet home chicago

[view from my apartment]

I know, I know. I've been lazy about posting since I moved to Chicago. There's just been so much to do, that it hasn't been a priority. And I had to find the cable to transfer pictures to my laptop. With that said, here's what's been happening in my new city.
The trip here went smoothly. My Dad and I loaded a 5x8 Uhaul trailer and the bed of his truck [with cover on] with Don and my furniture and boxes. The only furniture we have is a bed, nightstand, bookshelf, desk, and one slightly deflated bean bag. Plus four wood folding chairs. We've chosen to be minimalists until we can buy what we really want, piece by piece.
I arrived on Saturday June 10. On Monday the 12th, I had a job interview. I went in not knowing much about the firm, except that they are really small and do some residential. I left really liking their work and the people. They do alot of residential work, but what I would call 'architecture for normal people.' Most of their clients are middle class families that never considered that they would be able to afford an architect. The firm is also very pro-socially conscious design. On Wednesday they offered me a job! I start July 10.
[daytime view from my apartment]
With the job search out of the way, Don and I have been enjoying the city. We attended a performance of the Joffrey Ballet! Another fabulous discovery was Greek Town, with it's signs written in Greek, market selling fresh feta and olives, delightful little bakeries. I learned what a crazy task it is to drive in the city, or to try and drive out of it.
So, I love this city. I love our apartment. I love having time to enjoy life again.
[eric, this is for you_my vintage favorites]


Amy said...

The pics are amazing, and yeah! You have a job. That must be such a load off. A girl I teach swim lessons with went to Chicago for the weekend and they drove! HAAHAH....she said the traffic was horrible! Your mom is coming up in July right?

ercwttmn said...


i love the pictures! the view looks like something from a post card. and thanks for posting a picture of the aluminum bowls, i love them. more importantly though congratulations on the job!

alexis said...

yay. congrats on the job. your apartment looks so neat! i will have to come and see it someday!

FastTrakStatus said...

your view definitely rivals mine. i look out at a brick wall, a courtyard of dirt and the back of another apartment. the other night a cat jumped in my window to escape the cold and slept in my closet. needless to day, it's not quite chicago's beautiful vertical metropolis. hope all is well.