18 August 2006


Pardon my blogging absence, but this whole adjusting to a new home and life thing takes up alot of time. [And Don insists on my undivided attention.] Now, a little lesson in how to interview oneself_

Readers_So Nicole, how do you like Chicago?
Nicole_Well, it's everything I thought it would be. There's so much to do and see all the time. I'm really enjoying living in an urban environment all the time.

R_And how about that fabulous apartment we've been hearing about.
N_Yes, we love our apartment! It's in an old shoe factory that's been converted to lofts. We have exposed brick walls, wood truss ceiling, and the entire south wall is windows. But the very best part is our view_Sears Tower and all of downtown. I promise to post pictures once we get things a little more together.

R_You're a working woman now. How's that?
N_I like my job alot. I went from having little responsibility to have alot of duties in about a weeks time. But, the only real way to learn is to dive right in. Most of our projects are modest home remodels or additions, which is a nice change from banks and medical facilities, and especially theoretical school stuff. My boss runs the firm in the same way I've always thought an architecture firm should be managed.

R_Describe your typical day.
N_I can arrive at work anytime between 8-9. Those who know me well realize that this is conducive with my very casual internal clock. I ride the bus or the El, whichever comes first, to work everyday. It's only one stop on the El. It's about a 4 block walk from the El/bus stop to the office. On the way I usually stop at Alliance Bakery for a latte and pastry. It's one of those real bakeries with fabulous cakes in the window and everything. I do various things in the office, which I might add, is pretty casual. Sometimes my boss wears shorts to work. I can take lunch whenever I want. I thoroughly enjoy Milk & Honey Cafe across the street. Some days I go to the flower shop down the street and buy flowers for my desk. Or I stop by one of the clothing boutiques or paper goods stores. I've even taken a mid-afternoon break for gelatto a copule times. I pretty much love it.

*more pertinent blogs to follow soon. promise.*