27 September 2006


Fish vs. Jeffrey

Anyone? Anyone?
I don't know how many of you watch Project Runway, but to me, the resemblance is uncanny. Uncanny folks. Miss you Aaron.

26 September 2006


Today I became a true Chicagoan.

Not only did I have a cinnamon roll from Ann Sather's Bakery [they're divine], but I finally attended a Cubs game at Wrigley Field! It was magical. It was legendary. And the Cubs won! I love this city!

25 September 2006

home improvement

To compensate for my blogging laziness, a moment in my domestic bliss_

Our disaster pantry BEFORE
Pantry, before
[note the step-stool, circa 1980]

And...our pantry AFTER a trip to Home Depot and a little work with the drill
Pantry, after

Brings new meaning to "You can do it. We can help."


Get excited, kids! The big day is Friday. The big event is the delivery of our new SOFA! Found out Saturday that it is finished and ready to be delivered. Pictures will be distributed. Best of all, we have more than one comfortable place to sit. Grace will have a friend. AND, the sorry excuse for a bean bag will be gone! And I will finally have no excuse for not taking pictures of the apartment due to a lack of furniture. Mmmmm, afternoon naps on a big, comfy sofa!

21 September 2006

blogging [defined]

IZZE_a delicious drink made purely of juice and sparkling water. Click Here for Izze.
Jewel-Osco_A chain of grocery stores in the region. Most of you are familiar with Osco Drug [now CVS, grrrrrrr]. Jewel-Osco is the incoporation of groceries + drugs.
Cub Foods_A Food-4-Less like grocery store.
crepes_rhymes with grape; like the paper you decorate with. These are pancake-like treats that you usually top or fill with other delicious goodness. Betty Crocker has a delicious recipe for them.
Nutella_"The original, creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread" Click Here for everything you ever need to know.

This weekend brings the promise of more interesting blogs - I swear.

14 September 2006

bone to pick

I thoroughly enjoy IZZE sparkling juice. It is somewhat of a luxury item [$4-5 for a 4 pack], so I try to limit my purchase. What I would like to know is why Jewel-Osco and Cub Foods do not feel obligated to carry such a delicious treat. Simply preposterous if you ask me.
Also, I had planned to make crepes for dessert last night. I purchased heavy cream for fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and was hoping to surprise Don with Nutella to accompany these delicious items. [For those of you unfortunate souls who are unfamiliar with Nutella, it is a hazelnut spread. Imagine the consistency of peanut butter, but with a chocolatey-nutty flavor. Those Italians are geniuses.] But is my local Jewel-Osco a purveyor of this fine good? NO! Even freaking Dillons sells Nutella. What a bunch of crap.

05 September 2006

Spread no hate.

Speak no evil.

Pass no judgement.

These three simple phrases are the code of conduct for our home. Unfortunately, Don and I discovered this is something we needed to establish. Anyone who can conduct themselves accordingly is welcome in our home.