21 September 2006

blogging [defined]

IZZE_a delicious drink made purely of juice and sparkling water. Click Here for Izze.
Jewel-Osco_A chain of grocery stores in the region. Most of you are familiar with Osco Drug [now CVS, grrrrrrr]. Jewel-Osco is the incoporation of groceries + drugs.
Cub Foods_A Food-4-Less like grocery store.
crepes_rhymes with grape; like the paper you decorate with. These are pancake-like treats that you usually top or fill with other delicious goodness. Betty Crocker has a delicious recipe for them.
Nutella_"The original, creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread" Click Here for everything you ever need to know.

This weekend brings the promise of more interesting blogs - I swear.


ran weller said...

Ahha! Thank you for the visuals...I think I remember seeing Nutella in our fridge...thought about trying it...nah!
Looks like I missed out. Dang!

sloring said...

is this going to be another one of those 'broken promises?'

alexis said...

my blog moved. singalexis.blogspot.com