03 October 2006

hello friend

sofa front
The long anticipated arrival of our sofa has finally come. This past Friday, I had to take a long lunch so that our sofa [the store calls him Andre] could be delivered. This picture is how it looked fresh off the truck, which is why the cushions look a little fluffy. What took so long? We custom ordered the fabric, so it took longer to build. Not only is it beautiful, it's also comfortable! We've already napped on it.

sofa side
Notice how crappy the tv looks on the rubbermaid tub. That will be remedied soon, as well.


Amy said...

Fantastic. Loft and sofa pictures. Is that color wall from Ralph Laurens loft collection? See.....that is my Home Depot Paint training talking. I love the sofa. I cant believe you took a nap on it. I would feel like I would ruin it. Anywho...thanks gpa! What do you call the color of Andre? And dont make your blogs to interesting, or else Franco will contact you!

Nicole said...

We painted the wall with Benjamin Moore paint_Mink in Semi-Gloss. It's from Ace [luckily, the guy gave it to us same price as Ace paint, b/c B.Moore is expensive!]

Andre is covered in Dillcrest "Spa" fabric. Which comes standard with stain protectant. Hence the napping.

ercwttmn said...
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ercwttmn said...

is it hot in this blog, or is it just that couch?!