10 January 2007


lately i have had little inspiration for blog posts. maybe that's a sad excuse. i also feel that many people miss the humor implied in my blogs (christmas list, for example). heads up - if something sounds ridiculous, there's usually sarcasm involved. i haven't really felt that many of my thoughts or musings were worthy of anyone reading. anyway, i think i've got a few topics in mind for the near future. we'll see. for now, i'll leave you with these thoughts:

don and i made the trek back to kansas for our holiday marathon. yes, marathon. we have 4 sets of parents. that's 8 sets of grandparents. it's complicated. anyway, we hadn't been 'home' since august, and were only there for 2 nights (most of which was spent dodging questions like 'when are you getting married?' seriously people - LAY OFF!). and, we were actually really relieved to get back to chicago. we weren't really sure if we would have a good time while we were home - no offense family, but we've been enjoying our big-city independence. in actuality, it was a very refreshing visit. all our relatives behaved themselves, we caught up on things, ate too much - you know, holiday activities. the visit was also a strange paradox to our normal lifestyle - we drove everywhere, mostly in an SUV (which we were grateful to borrow), slept in large, single family dwellings, didn't go out to eat, the buildings were all really far apart for no reason (except western kansas where they have a reason), etc. however, being back in kansas didn't seem as foreign to me this time as i had expected. i mean, some parts were foreign (especially the topeka bar scene - gross), but it felt like home again, which it hasn't in a long time. not home like our apartment in chicago does - but the type of home where you always feel welcome and you know if you forget a toothbrush or pajamas, you're covered. i guess during college, whenever i went home, i felt like i should just be lazy, do nothing. it felt different this time. i find myself continually adjusting to life after architecture school. it's a daily struggle, which is not the right word, but whatever. then, when i got back to chicago, it felt a little weird; an unexpected side effect. in summary, it felt good to go back to kansas, but it also feels good to be home in chicago.

on a side note, today is my 6-month job anniversary. so maybe this post should have been about work, since i don't ever talk about it. sometime soon...

p.s. no one bought me a self-parking lexus for christmas. but i did parallel park like a big girl the other day. maybe there's hope.