07 March 2007


fancy lady

I'd like to take a sentimental moment to talk about gifts. We've all received those life-changing gifts from people close to us. Allow me to illustrate.

The best gift my Dad ever gave me, besides a bright red Italian convertible, was a budget and credit. Instead of a 'call me when you need more money' in college policy, I was given a 'stipend' and told to budget and spend it wisely. He also put my name on a car title and made me pay the loan, which led to my excellent credit. Thanks to him, I'm a pretty money responsible adult.

I received the gift of travel and courage from my maternal grandparents. My high school graduation present was a trip to Brazil. Initially I was pretty scared to go, for various irrational reasons. 8 countries later, I decided to move to the big city. You can't get that travel bug out of me now!

My mother has given and taught me lots of things. The first was the ability to sew, which involves much more than making garmets and curtains. This skill helped me learn to think creatively and in a tactile way. It also gave me the patience to make architectural models. Another favorite was how to be a strong, confident, short woman!

This past Christmas Don gave me a gift that fulfilled a childhood dream. He took me to the ballet. Not just any ballet, the Joffrey ballet here in Chicago. A little bit of background: I started dancing pretty much from birth, and at one point in time thought I would be a professional ballerina. Then I decided to be an architect. But, I have always loved dance and the performing arts. I especially have always wanted to see a spectacular performance by a professional ballet company. [I don't know if Don was fully aware of this fact until we were at the ballet...or maybe he has mind powers.] Fast forward to about November of 2006, we were in my favorite boutique and I spotted the most delightful polka-dot dress. I tried it on, twirled like a little girl, and then rationalized that I didn't have any where to wear it and sadly put it back on the hanger. Much to my surprise, as I'm opening my Christmas present, I unfold the beautiful black with velvet raspberry polka-dotted dress. I was quite excited. And I was doubly excited when Don presented me with orchestra level tickets to see the Joffrey on February 17. A fancy dinner before hand was also promised. Well, a fancy dinner and fancy evening we had. I got all dolled up [as you can see in the photo] and realized a childhood dream.

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Amy said...

Seriously, could you ever write a blog that is a downer...you know....WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY! Dang you daughter pixie! Anyways, thank god you blogged again, I was missing the blog. Glad to hear all is well and you...like me...missed your calling to be a professional dancer.