04 April 2007


a few weeks ago, don, phil and myself attended a fabulous concert. the bands_menomena [like the muppet song or saturn commerical], field music, and land of talk. the venue_a delightful little dive called the empty bottle here on the west side of chicago. the crowd_hipsters [think brown hair, dark rimmed glasses and lots of dark clothes and ballet flats]. the best part_land of talk, the opening band which hails from montreal and is amazing. seriously, check them out. and the whole show was only $10. love it.

this saturday, don, phil and myself are going to see the headlights featuring page france and shipwreck at schubas on the north side. also a $10 show. pretty excited. will provide report later.

i have a serious craving for some new spring fashion. this was halted by the 34 degree weather and snow today [wtf!!!]. but soon, i'm going to do some damage at a few fabulous boutiques.

some of our clients at work are fabulous and some are just ok. an example of fabulous 'i hate home depot. let's get something that's designed.' and, 'that ceiling fan/wallpaper/carpet is gross'

i don't like coconut or beets.

i have been experiencing dog withdrawal. don says i can't have a dog until we have a house with a yard. on a related note, all i want when i grow up is a cute little brick house with a little yard. and a dog in the yard. maybe a beagle named nelson.

my 24th birthday is in 9 days. i got a birthday present from my mom in january. it was a kitchen aid stand mixer, and so far i've made the normal amount of cookies, 2 cakes, cupcakes, pizza crusts and several other things. these are of course all from scratch. i'm especially looking forward to making my birthday cake: 2 layers of yellow cake with raspberry filling and meringue frosting. other bits of domestic bliss_i bought myself a rowenta iron and don bought me a new, apple green whistling tea kettle. yes we make tea in a pot on the stove. don't you?

we've been trying to decide where we should take a vacation. we thought montreal would be nice, then i found out the flights aren't much cheaper than one to europe. we also have an offer from a czech friend in spain to stay for free. and then there's san francisco and nyc, or maybe boston or cape cod in the fall. suggestions are welcome.

an object of poor design_toilets and their seats. specifically, that spot between the seat and the tank. i think this is how that went: 'gee, how can we design this toilet so it is impossible for the consumer to sanitize their bathroom?' 'i know, we'll attach this plastic/wood/metal seat with two gigantic bolts here at the back and leave just enough room for urine and hair and dust to collect between the seat and the tank. then we'll make sure that it is proportioned so awkwardly that it is impossible to clean around.' 'perfect.'

another toilet item that disgusts me_toilet carpet. you know, the jcpenny special that you can put right around the bottom of your toilet [kind of like a urine collection mat, if you will] and that little 'hat' for your toilet seat lid that collects all the back-of-toilet urine that you can't get to to clean as well as other flying debris. siiiiiickkkkkkk.

i'm about to finish a book_the russian debutante's handbook. it's hilarious, especially if you are a russian-american jew or have ever lived in eastern europe, especially prague. next on my book agenda, barack obama's autobio, dreams from my father. and then maybe an architectural book, or devil in the white city.