08 May 2007

summer in the city

Ok, so it's not quite summer, but it sure has been lovely here in Chicago. The winters here really, really suck, and once there's even a hint of spring sunshine, the city comes out of hibernation. Here are some of my favorite things about Chicago in the spring/summer (really, it's one season, since the summer is sooooo nice).
_city life has a soundtrack [everyone drives around with their windows down and music playing. this kind of adds to my illusion that i live in a movie.]
_walking [don and i average 10 miles each weekend when the weather is nice exploring]
_free events in millenium park
_kids [young and old] playing in the fountain at the park
_beaches! [we're the 3rd coast!]
_neighborhood festivals
_cubbies games!
_wearing skirts
_outdoor cafes
_open windows

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