18 October 2007

pie queen

so sunday was the big day - the bucktown apple pie contest! don and i took my freshly baked and piping hot apple pies to the holstein park fieldhouse. this darling gem of a building was even properly decorated for such an activity with vintage tablecloths, banners made from vintage fabric, and plenty of fall accoutrements. we carefully placed my pies on a tray and were assigned the number 33. and then the kind ladies told us to come back at 2. so we did some neighborhood shopping and returned at 2 to find the fieldhouse auditorium full of people and pies. there was even a fun, old-timey blue-grassish band called tangleweed. i might have mistaken it for a fall festival in kansas were it not for the hipsters, accents, and fashionable decor.

we took a seat in the bleachers with some other contestants. the room fills with even more people. finally they announce the 9 finalists. number 31......number 45. dangit. we decided we were too tired to stick around for the final final results and left. on the way out, i noticed a sheet with the names of semi-finalists, and to my surprise, found my name!

here's how the judging rounds went: a total of 81 contestants entered 2 identical pies for the first round of judging. 27 of those went on to the next round, the semi-finals. out of those 27 pies, 9 are chosen for the final round, of which the top 3 were awarded prizes [gift cards to sur la table].

monday i found out that i placed 16th out of 81. not too shabby if you ask me.

and yes, that is a picture of my pie [or at least i'm 99% sure it is]. i forgot to take pictures, but luckily a fellow blogger did not. you can find a story about the contest at the hungry magazine blog.

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ercwttmn said...

congrats nicole!!!! that's "sweet".

one question

where were these pies early in the morning, during the final hours before a deadline was due?

i think they could have been helpful.