12 November 2007

street cred

i have a hard time getting people to take me seriously, as an architect and as a hipster.
i believe there is one solution to this problem.
i need hipster glasses. i need them for the street cred.

don claims this is ridiculous and unfair. first of all, i have perfect vision. minor detail. and then he continues [while wearing his very hip, two-toned danish designed glasses] that i would be taking any small advantage away from those architects and hipsters who actually need glasses to see.

but here's my complaint: i already have several strikes against myself as a believable architect and/or hipster.

1. i wear color. in fact, i usually wear bright colors.
2. i am short. this usually discredits me in anything except munchkin and child related activities.

3. i have curly blond hair. real hipsters have flat, straight, black hair.
4. i look horrible in 'skinny' jeans.
5. i'm a girl.

6. i have dancing skills.

7. i can spell.

8. i also look horrible in jumpers and other garmets made for skinny hipsters. [what can i say, i like to eat instead of only drinking coffee.]

i'm pretty sure all these things warrant the purchase of $400 french glasses.


Anonymous said...

Why not wear the glasses that your parents purchased for you that have never been worn?

sloring said...

I say do it Nicole, my gf [who's name is also Nicole and now that I look at your list, has eerily similar characteristics] has mentioned to me many times that she wants glasses so that people will take her more seriously. She even wanted to borrow mine for an interview!!!

ercwttmn said...

did you get them yet?