11 October 2007

when i grow up, i want to be a punk rocker, just like my mom

maybe you notice a pattern. yes, i am guilty of posting my last few blogs from work. i sit at a computer pretty much all day long - so not much of that activity happens at home. i have many thoughts to share with you. there are about 3 or 4 incomplete postings waiting to be finished and posted. one includes my activities this past summer. i'm sure you'll enjoy it once i have taken the time to compile all the photos.
i have recently come to a couple of revelations.
ONE. i am a grown up. i'm not really sure how or when that happened, but i have felt a change in my thoughts and actions and i'm pretty sure it's because i'm not a kid anymore. oh well.
TWO. i think don and i are busier than we ever have been, and this seems to be happening to my peers as well. we are out and about the majority of the week. i am actually looking forward to that first, really cold weekend where it is too crummy to go outside. then i can finally catch up on those 30 sewing projects i have started.
however, this weekend is the modern warehouse sale (hopefully more fabric will be purchased here!) and the bucktown apple pie baking contest. that's right, i'm competing and pie is my medium.

until those mostly-finished posts debut, i leave you with this:
i have a nose-blowing complex. both my mom and don make fun of my nose blowing method. they are mean.
i typically pronounce the word 'uncle' as if it were spelled 'oncle' or maybe 'ancle'. my friend laine has been pointing this out for years, and i just learned the difference. now i say it both ways.
i have developed a chicaaago aaaaccent. dis involves de emphasis of vowels like a and o and sometimes de letter r. and i'm not talking about the goofy contractor imitations i do, either. i've caught the real thing.
it wouldn't matter where we moved, if there was an accent, i would now possess it. so ya'll are lucky we ain't suthners now.

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Anonymous said...

Your mom is the coolest! That goes without saying!