12 November 2007

street cred

i have a hard time getting people to take me seriously, as an architect and as a hipster.
i believe there is one solution to this problem.
i need hipster glasses. i need them for the street cred.

don claims this is ridiculous and unfair. first of all, i have perfect vision. minor detail. and then he continues [while wearing his very hip, two-toned danish designed glasses] that i would be taking any small advantage away from those architects and hipsters who actually need glasses to see.

but here's my complaint: i already have several strikes against myself as a believable architect and/or hipster.

1. i wear color. in fact, i usually wear bright colors.
2. i am short. this usually discredits me in anything except munchkin and child related activities.

3. i have curly blond hair. real hipsters have flat, straight, black hair.
4. i look horrible in 'skinny' jeans.
5. i'm a girl.

6. i have dancing skills.

7. i can spell.

8. i also look horrible in jumpers and other garmets made for skinny hipsters. [what can i say, i like to eat instead of only drinking coffee.]

i'm pretty sure all these things warrant the purchase of $400 french glasses.

05 November 2007

crap i bought that was never worth my $

  • a thighmaster [i planned to use it whenever studying in college. note the word 'planned'.]
  • nad's [that all natural hair removal wax. and i was stupid enough to pay for express shipping. lucky for me there was a money-back guarantee, but only for the product.]
  • that belly dance workout tape.
  • several pairs of shoes, namely those brown and black ones from walmart.
  • the sausage feast at that restaurant in prague.
  • that $5 garage sale tv. [my mom warned me it would be black and white. i told her they didn't even make those anymore. it was definately b&w and grey fuzzies most of the time.]
  • debbie gibson-style black hat [saved my allowance for weeks. that fad, along with my tight-rolled jeans, soon faded, but at least we will have the photos forever]