05 November 2007

crap i bought that was never worth my $

  • a thighmaster [i planned to use it whenever studying in college. note the word 'planned'.]
  • nad's [that all natural hair removal wax. and i was stupid enough to pay for express shipping. lucky for me there was a money-back guarantee, but only for the product.]
  • that belly dance workout tape.
  • several pairs of shoes, namely those brown and black ones from walmart.
  • the sausage feast at that restaurant in prague.
  • that $5 garage sale tv. [my mom warned me it would be black and white. i told her they didn't even make those anymore. it was definately b&w and grey fuzzies most of the time.]
  • debbie gibson-style black hat [saved my allowance for weeks. that fad, along with my tight-rolled jeans, soon faded, but at least we will have the photos forever]



ercwttmn said...

ha ha ha!

1989? 1990?

Nicole said...

right about 1990. wasn't i super rad?