27 February 2008


My latest purchase has made me realize that even I fall into certain categories. What is it you ask? A BlackBerry.

My old phone was on it's last leg and I was eligible for a discount w/contract renewal. I really love being organized - I write everything in my Outlook calendar at work, keep a list of current addresses, etc. So the cute little BlackBerry Pearl was a perfect option for me. And with all my upcoming bridal appointments - it made perfect sense (more on that later). Needless to say, I kinda feel like a grown-up now!

But I digress. Back to the subject of labels. Here are a few that I technically qualify for:

D.I.N.K. - Double Income No Kids
Don's Aunt Julie calls us this, and it's my personal favorite. I think it's code for "has money with no responsibilities." That's pretty much true as well.

YUPPIE - Technically, I am an Young Urban Professional - although I don't think I fill the typical stereotype. When I think of yuppie, I envision someone in 1980's preppy garb (polo shirts with logos and pastel colors), driving a BMW, talking on a Zach Morris cell phone. The yuppie of today however, tends to wear a boring black suit w/blue oxford shirt, drive a leased luxury car, and works downtown in a high-rise building for some financial corporation. I however, don't own a car, I wear jeans to work everyday, and I'm as much as artist as a professional. On the other hand, I pay too much for rent b/c we wanted a great view and fabulous space, I own a BlackBerry, I belong to a networking organization. I also would much rather do things myself instead of hiring someone else, which is not typical of an urbanite w/disposable income.

L.P.E.R. - Lincoln Park Engagement Ring - This is a phrase I coined to describe all these women I see with obscenely large diamond rings who appear to have no job and are all about symbol and status. Typically they live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, which is full of over-priced ugly condos. They also all look the same - the women and the rings. I'm pretty sure they only buy groceries at Whole Foods (which I think is all about status and little to do w/groceries), too. Now technically, my engagement ring did come from a store in Lincoln Park. It is kinda big and sparkly, but I certainly wouldn't call it obscene. The rings I refer to are typically larger than 2 carats. And I have a real job and ride the bus - no symbol and status here!

Hipster - I really don't think I qualify for this one, except that I like their music, drink local coffee (Starbucks is evil), recycle, eat natural foods, shop at local boutiques, and am into the artsy modern craft scene. But I don't have the glasses, the dark hair/attitude, skinny jeans, overly-layered wardrobe, or lack of structured schedule.

Maybe a better or more accurate description for me is Yupster - young urban professional with a preference for the local business/food/coffee/art of Chicago's small neighborhoods. And I'm extremely crafty.

*After completing the above post, I realized it's probably not very relevant or entertaining - but it's my blog and I do what I want. Read it or leave it.


Anonymous said...

Your first label was D.L.G. -- Daddy's Little Girl -- and always will be to me.


Anonymous said...

Ahh that was cute. D.L.G. I am still S.I.N.K and that leaves me with very little. Boo. But I enjoyed the blog and thought it was both relevant and entertaining. Happy Friday!


sloring said...

Should've gotten an iPhone :)

Nicole said...

who wants to switch cell phone service just to get an overpriced phone??? thanks anyway, sammy.

sloring said...

oh, but it's not just a phone!!! it will change your life, i promise!!! [it did mine]