13 March 2008

attention shoppers

You officially have 1 month until my 25th birthday. Plan accordingly.

[wish lists available upon request]

11 March 2008


Thus far, March has been an extremely productive month.

Last week, I got a haircut. What makes this haircut so special? Until now, I haven't found a stylist in Chicago that lives up to the high standards that Carrie of Salon 808 in Topeka has set. I would try out a stylist here - hate the haircut, and then wait months until I went back to Topeka to get a real haircut. I tried random salons that said they had a stylist who specialized in curly hair, I tried a couple stylists recommended by friends with curly hair. All were horrible. Last Thursday, I decided I would give the lovely looking salon down the street from my office a try. Success!!!!! I was blessed with the stylist talents of Emily - a stylist with a very precise method, similar to that of my fabulous Carrie. I think I'll be back. Alot. Finally, a scalp massage, shampoo, cut and style that is perfect, takes more than 10 minutes and was only $55. Lovely.

Also, this past Friday and Saturday, my dear friend Laine finally made it to Chicago. And the purpose of the whole visit was to go wedding dress shopping with me. So I tried on lots of wedding dresses. It was a lot of fun. Much like playing dress up - but better. I got to try on $12,000 Vera Wang dresses, glamorous satin lovelies, and just beautiful things in general. I'm not actually going to buy my wedding dress, my mom will make it, but I need to shop around to decide what I really want. We had lots of fun. I think Laine and Elizabeth were more worn out than I was by the end of Saturday.

For the rest of the month, I plan to decide on a dress design, maybe set a wedding date/location, establish a wedding budget, finish those pillow sham covers I attempted to start, and start the cushions for our Tulip Chairs. Hopefully we also find a new place to live - our lease is up at the end of May, but we'd like to know where were going next before we say that we won't renew. What are you doing this March?