18 April 2008

foodie or weirdo?

i think i've made it pretty obvious on here before how much i like to eat good food. and even kind of good food. tonight don and i are going to see the alvin ailey dance company (life-long wish) at auditorium theatre. to make the ocassion extra special, we've decided to spend too much money on food. so what do i do today - i go to the restaurants website and look at their menu. and i realized that i do this everytime we make plans to go somewhere and they have a menu online, regardless of where it is. typically, i can be pretty undecisive when it comes to food options, so i think looking at the menu ahead of time takes the pressure off when it comes to ordering. i also like looking forward to certain flavors for the rest of the day. and i think it has something to do with the part of me that always likes to be prepared.

is this weird? does anyone else get this involved with advance food selection?


Charis said...

yes...you are not a weirdo...i did just this same thing this past weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's weird, No - never even knew to look for a menu on the computer, must be one of them thar city things.

I see a closet full of various sized jeans in your future.

big butted country gal regards

Anonymous said...

The weirdness comes from your mother :-)
Taking advantage of technology to be prepared for upcoming events comes from your dad.