01 April 2008

in like a lion...out like a...lion?

so march is done. contrary to what my first grade teacher taught us, the saying that march comes in like a lion then out like a lamb and vice versa does not apply in chicago. it is still cold.

but - march was indeed productive. i found a wedding dress to copy (good thing i'm not buying it - it's an $8000 dress). and no - you can not see it. i've also got a good idea what my lovely bridesmaids will be wearing. we still don't have a wedding date or location - unless you count 2009 and the midwest as answers. but, i do have my something old, borrowed and blue - my grandmother's garter from 1954! my mom wore it when she got married, too. i think it is sooooo adorable!

as far as my other to-do items for march: we don't have a new apartment yet, but we've told our current landlord we're leaving. we're a little nervous about it but tired of their crap. if anyone wants to donate a down payment to get us out of the rental market and into a condo that would be greatly appreciated. i did get a good start on my current sewing project, which is the shams for our bed. i basically just have to sew them up and they'll be done.

so what's in store for april? first of all - i plan to welcome 25 with style and grace. we've got a trip to san francisco planned. my mom, grandma, and aunt carmem will be in town for said birthday. other than that, the big tasks are figuring out more wedding stuff - i.e. date and location, finishing our tulip chair cushions, and finding a new apartment. wish me luck!

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