05 May 2008

happy cinco de mayo!

April was a busy month. May doesn't look to be much quieter.

We had the loveliest of times in San Francisco. The Townsends were excellent hosts and fed us well! I bought material for my wedding dress, bought some clothes, saw lots of art and architecture, and ate lots of delicious food. And I did have a French macaron - thanks to Tanner. It was nice to spend some time in a place that was green and blooming!

My mom, grandma, and Brazilian aunt Carmem came to visit the weekend of my birthday. We had a great time. I turned 25 without any trouble. Got a new digital camera, tickets to see the Alvin Ailey dance company, some monies and gift cards. We made a delicious salmon dinner and I made 2 birthday pies.

We found a new apartment [on my birthday, to be exact]. It is a little bigger than the space we have now and is super cute. I'll post pics and more info later. We get keys May 10, but will move most of our stuff in May 17.

And we found the place we want to have the wedding...we just need to move forward with those plans.

I've put all sewing and miscellaneous tasks on hold until we set a date and move. So my shams still aren't done...but they'll get there eventually.

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