29 May 2008

this blog is lame

I'm not gonna lie - I've been a major slacker about blogging, but also about blogging 'the right way'. I surmise that only a handful (make that a tiny handful) of people ocassionally peruse this blog. That fact alone leaves little incentive to take the time to craft a great post, as my friend Eric always does. But, in our recent move we have decided to conduct a social experiment on ourselves and live...duh duh duuuhhhh... without TV! Crazy? Maybe. But this will leave me more time to write some good posts. Or at least that's the plan. I think a new look and title might be in order too (whoa...let's not get too carried away).

I do have some *exciting* new posts brewing - so you better check back, like, everyday, just in case.


Anonymous said...

I'm checking -- where's todays entry?


ercwttmn said...


can't wait to hear how the experiment goes!!

i'll be checking every day!