14 June 2008

man make fire (or) big boy grill

Life is complete - well it is for Don, anyway. Now that we have our very own patio space, he could finally get a grill of his own. And being from KC and a Semple, where BBQ is a religion, it had to be charcoal. So we Zipcarred over to the Home Depot the week we moved in and got him a Weber One Touch Gold. And some charcoal and a chimney and lighter fluid and woodchips... But what about bbq tools, you ask? Not to worry - he won a delux set of those a few years ago at the Semple Christmas Eve Extravaganza. So we already had tongs, a spatula, shish kabob baskets and a basting brush big enough to paint a house with, thanks to Uncle John.

We've been grilling pretty much every night that we cook. Below is a photo montage for you to enjoy. Can't you see how excited he is!

I told him to pose like a Spartan.

Porkchops. Delish.

02 June 2008


so there really was a plan to make a glorious new post tonight - but life had other plans. i was busy taking care of mr. emergency [don went to the ER this morning for the second time this year - for a broken collar bone!] and making ricotta gnocchi from scratch tonight. it was delicious and i'm tired. so you'll just have to wait to hear all about his fabulous new weber grill.