30 July 2008

mid-summer treat

A belated birthday treat to myself - I finally spent the rest of my birthday money on the Orla Kiely bag and wallet above. They arrived today. Few things are as exciting as a new purse. Especially a new purse with many organization compartments and a matching wallet!

I've been carrying the same grey Chilewich bag since my last year of college. While it has been durable and provided ample storage, it is perforated and didn't provide much protection from rain and snow for the inner contents.

This new bag solves several problems:
First - I've been needing a bag that is more conducive to bike riding, but didn't really want to buy a true messenger bag. I'm just too girly for that. New bag can be worn on the shoulder or extended to be worn messenger style.
Second - I needed something a little more weather-proof. New bag is coated cotton that wipes clean!
Third - I needed a more-narrow bag that didn't offensively hit every person I walked by in a restaurant or on the CTA. New bag has taller, but more narrow footprint.
Fourth - I needed to not spend 5 minutes digging for my keys every single time. New purse has a pretty striped ribbon with a hook on the end to which I can attach keys for easy retrieval.

I don't know what it is about those Scandinavians, but they've got a knack for designing bright and colorful patterns that speak to me!

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