27 August 2008

more beer please

Mindy was the only one to guess correctly. Other people emailed or called me instead of posting (problems with instructions, I see). We're drinking beer at our wedding, fools! Our honeymoon is a beer tour of Belgium - no chamy for us! And we're not so traditional. For example, we won't have a stacked wedding cake. They're expensive and not so awesome. We're certainly not interlocking arms while we toast either. I think that's weird. We're also not tossing flowers or a garter. Or serving chicken. I freaking hate dry wedding chicken. My bridesmaids won't match - unless you count the same color fabric as matching. They also won't be shiny. Don hates shiny bridesmaids. There won't be any tuxes. There also won't be a religious official - cuz we're not religious. We're not registering for fancy china or silverware or lots of appliances that only serve one function. We're also not registering at Target - cuz we're grown-ups and can go out and buy any of their stuff for ourselves at anytime.

So maybe I'm making this obvious that I don't really like the status-quo wedding. I also have come to abhor the wedding industry. Their sales pitch of perfection is not only ridiculous and a means for a huge mark up, it is also a bold faced lie. I've been reading a plethora of wedding blogs as of late, and probably my very favorite is A Practical Wedding. Meg, the author of said blog seems to be a smart gal with a good head on her shoulders. My favorite quote from her is "If you still believe in perfection, you are too young to get married." See what I mean? Anyway - several of these sites have helped affirm my belief that a wedding should be a reflection of the two people getting married to one another. That's what we're shooting for.

If we were having the champagne - it would totally be the Marc Jacobs glasses. They are pretty awesome. I think those Vera ones are terrible!

22 August 2008


I was thinking about starting a wedding blog, but realized I'm too busy for two blogs. So you, dear, loyal readers, will just have to endure what I'm going to call 'hitchin posts'. Here's number one:

Call me a little eager, but I've been trying to get as much wedding stuff out of the way as quickly as possible so I'm not all stressed out at the end. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to start a marriage - with a girl whose about to pull her hair out???? Anyway, I purchased some glasses for the 'big toast(s)' yesterday. Because they were on sale. I'll give you three guesses (this is meant to be interactive...hint, hint):

#1_Marc Jacobs for Waterford:

#2_Aarne Pilsner from Iittala glass:

#3_Vera Wang's Love Knots Flutes:

So - which is it???

05 August 2008

this should be me

I'm so over wanting some hipster glasses. My most recent object of lust is the scooter! Ideally, I'd like to snag a vintage Vespa, ala Roman Holiday style (perhaps in pearly white with robin's egg blue accents). As those are a little pricey, my next choice would be the Stella scooter from the Genuine Scooter Company:

They make them right here in Chicago!
Super cute and super fuel efficient!!!! Can't you just see Don and I zipping around town!