22 August 2008


I was thinking about starting a wedding blog, but realized I'm too busy for two blogs. So you, dear, loyal readers, will just have to endure what I'm going to call 'hitchin posts'. Here's number one:

Call me a little eager, but I've been trying to get as much wedding stuff out of the way as quickly as possible so I'm not all stressed out at the end. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to start a marriage - with a girl whose about to pull her hair out???? Anyway, I purchased some glasses for the 'big toast(s)' yesterday. Because they were on sale. I'll give you three guesses (this is meant to be interactive...hint, hint):

#1_Marc Jacobs for Waterford:

#2_Aarne Pilsner from Iittala glass:

#3_Vera Wang's Love Knots Flutes:

So - which is it???


Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Here's a hint - the winner is made in Finland

MViamontes said...

The Aarne Pilsner!

allie_b said...

well that would have been my 3rd guess, but all are lovely! good interactive blog idea! hope all is well!