27 August 2008

more beer please

Mindy was the only one to guess correctly. Other people emailed or called me instead of posting (problems with instructions, I see). We're drinking beer at our wedding, fools! Our honeymoon is a beer tour of Belgium - no chamy for us! And we're not so traditional. For example, we won't have a stacked wedding cake. They're expensive and not so awesome. We're certainly not interlocking arms while we toast either. I think that's weird. We're also not tossing flowers or a garter. Or serving chicken. I freaking hate dry wedding chicken. My bridesmaids won't match - unless you count the same color fabric as matching. They also won't be shiny. Don hates shiny bridesmaids. There won't be any tuxes. There also won't be a religious official - cuz we're not religious. We're not registering for fancy china or silverware or lots of appliances that only serve one function. We're also not registering at Target - cuz we're grown-ups and can go out and buy any of their stuff for ourselves at anytime.

So maybe I'm making this obvious that I don't really like the status-quo wedding. I also have come to abhor the wedding industry. Their sales pitch of perfection is not only ridiculous and a means for a huge mark up, it is also a bold faced lie. I've been reading a plethora of wedding blogs as of late, and probably my very favorite is A Practical Wedding. Meg, the author of said blog seems to be a smart gal with a good head on her shoulders. My favorite quote from her is "If you still believe in perfection, you are too young to get married." See what I mean? Anyway - several of these sites have helped affirm my belief that a wedding should be a reflection of the two people getting married to one another. That's what we're shooting for.

If we were having the champagne - it would totally be the Marc Jacobs glasses. They are pretty awesome. I think those Vera ones are terrible!


MViamontes said...

What did I win?! Perhaps a freshly baked apple pie!

Brian and Lilli said...

I cant wait to see pics from you wedding!!