30 September 2008

ridin' fixie

Now that Don and the bike are fully recovered, I thought I would post about said bike. Don inherited this 70's-ish KHS bike from my Dad when we moved to Chicago. First, he bought new wheels, including a flip-flop back hub (for single or fixed gear option). He stripped off the 12 gears so he was left with a single-gear bike. He was riding it a lot after this conversion. Then he crashed. Which led to the rebuilding of the front wheel, new crank and pedals (to prevent repeat crashing), and new leather grips to replace the old foam ones. I bought him the lovely Brooks leather saddle for his birthday. Then he bought a new chain, replaced the brake cables, and flipped that back wheel over. And now he rides fixie (with brakes) like all those hipsters.

I wanted to do a simultaneous post about my bike, but the ol' Jetfire is in need of further repair before she's completely decked out. Although she's lookin' much better than when I purchased her on Craigslist.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a difference! Sooo, why does a fixie need brakes? If you stop pedaling doesn't the bike stop?

Lookin good!


Nicole said...

brakes are in case of emergency or broken chain.

ercwttmn said...

very nice, don's done a great job on converting this bike to a fixie! did he have brakes before the crash? hope he's ok.

Nicole said...

The brakes were there before the crash - the crash is the cause of the broken collar bone at the beginning of june. And he's healing just fine. And the crash was due to a broken pedal...mostly.