25 October 2008

how to make flaky, buttery pie crust...

(although not prize winning pie crust)

So, for the second year, I entered the Bucktown Apple Pie Baking Contest. If you'll recall, I did quite well last year. This year did not go as well due to a snafu with our flame-throwing gas oven. But, this year's pie, titled "Butter Love" was deemed tasty by the public. My goal, besides winning, was to greatly improve on my crust technique. I am happy to say that I did make great strides in that department. 

If I were a super hero, my name would be Suzie Butters. My secret weapon would be butter - I already use it in pretty much everything. (Paula Dean is right - it makes everything butter, errr, I mean better.) Not surprisingly, my secret to flaky, buttery crust, is a whole lotta butter. Here's how I do it:

1 - spend way too much time cutting a stick of butter into tiny pieces

2 - refrigerate, mix with flour and other stuff

3 - form into disk and put back in fridge before rolling out
4 - roll out, refrigerate some more, put in pan, fill with goodness, top with second crust and crimp edges. then bake (obviously).

This was my first practice pie of the season before baking. 

These were my competition pies (before baking), which had it not been for the oven snafu, would have been completely perfect prize winners. I'm sure of it. 

I'll get 'em next year.


ercwttmn said...

they looked like a couple of prize winners to me nicole! great job!

Amanda said...

The constant refrigeration is certainly helpful. I even refrigerate my flour beforehand.


Amy said...

Seriously, those look good. DO you ship to florida?