30 November 2008

getting to know me

Well, I have been tagged by my good friend and fellow blogger, Eric, of intern[life] to write 6 random things about myself. I'm pretty random, so this seemed an appropriate task.

The rules are:
-link to the person who tagged you.
-post the rules on your blog.
-write 6 random things about yourself.
-tag 6 people at the end of your post.
-let each person know he/she has been tagged.
-let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Here goes.

1_Maybe I'm just slow, but it takes me a while to figure some things out. For example, for the longest time, I thought the theme song to "The Golden Girls" said "and the heart attack would say thank you for being a friend." My mother later informed me that it was 'card attached'. Also, for the longest time, I thought that Sara Lee slogan went "Nobody does it like Sara Lee." Come to find out, it's "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee." I think the first is better and makes more sense.

2_I've had the chicken pox twice. I figure that surely gives me a reprieve from having to do something awful later in life.

3_I don't eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Call me un-American, but I just don't. I don't really even like it. I'll eat turkey deli meat on a sandwich with other stuff, but certainly not by itself. The main reason for this is that my grandpa Chuck [my mom's dad] refused to eat poultry of any kind. Therefore, my mom doesn't really like turkey either. Growing up, our traditional Thanksgiving fare was always hamballs, or sometimes we'd be completely random and just cook a favorite large meal, like corned beef and cabbage. This year I ate smoked salmon. No turkey. [By the way, you know, the pilgrims didn't actually eat a turkey. They likely had waterfowl of some kind. NPR said so.]

4_My mom and I have almost identical birthmarks.

5_I hate any workout that isn't dancing. Were it not for making me feel and look better, I probably wouldn't exercise at all.

6_I thought I would try to be a vegetarian for a month this summer. That lasted for about 2 days. Then I ate a bratwurst.

Now I tag:
Sam, whose blog is pretty much dead

I know - that's only 5, and probably only 2 people will do it, but that's all I got, people. I would tag Amy, but her blog is dead, too!


ercwttmn said...

Thanks for playing along Nicole! Also thanks for clearing up the Sara Lee jingle for me as well...i thought it was the first version as well.

hope you and don had a wonderful holiday.

MViamontes said...

I seriously thought it was "nobody does it like Sara Lee." You learn something new everyday. Oh and thanks for tagging me...

allie_b said...

Hey Nicole, I participated but don't know how to link or anything like that, so i just thought I would let you know. And with regards to the Sara Lee Jingle, haven't they heard that double negatives aren't allowed?