22 November 2008

tiny wooden peoples

IF I were to be so traditional as to put two tiny peoples on top of a wedding confection, I would order these freaking adorable little wooden peoples - custom painted to look like Don and myself from GooseGrease on Etsy. [Or I'd save $35 bucks and paint some myself...] 

Don was not so much filled with child-like delight when I showed them to him... Clearly something is wrong with him. Or he's not a miniature obsessed girl. 

p.s. If you do not know of the wonderful, handmade loveliness that is etsy.com, go there now! DO IT! 


Anonymous said...

I remember your first fascination with little people characters. They were made by Fisher-Price and came in a little van. Your mother heard a toilet flush and "bye bye mama" and we never saw the mama character again.


allie_b said...

haha. that is a great story from your dad. I love anything miniature as well, how can you not. Have a good Thanksgiving nicole!