11 December 2008

things i'm so over...

  • The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Radiohead. Blech.*
  • Starbucks. evil. support local business - drink local coffee.
  • recession. spend some damn money. stop trading, silly traders.
  • strapless wedding dresses with poufy skirts. 
  • Tanning. we all have different skin tones for a reason.
  • K-State athletics. embarrassing.  
  • Store-bought sweets. gross. [that's store, not bakery]
  • big cars. cars in general. i love walking.
  • drinking shots. 
  • running.
  • winter. seriously - 6 months of this crap?
  • polaroids. 
  • Signed picture frame mats.
  • scrapbooking - maybe more accurately named crap-booking. stickers should have nothing to do with your photographs. i promise.
  • fast food. you really think that crap tastes good?
  • chemical cleaning products. grooossssssssssssssss! all method, all the time, please.
*After many years of declaring hatred for the Rolling Stones, I stated that I didn't mind them so much the other day. Then the radio station at my new work** played an all day marathon of those jerks. Hate is not a strong enough term. LOATHE is more accurate. 

**More on 'new work' later.