11 December 2008

things i'm so over...

  • The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Radiohead. Blech.*
  • Starbucks. evil. support local business - drink local coffee.
  • recession. spend some damn money. stop trading, silly traders.
  • strapless wedding dresses with poufy skirts. 
  • Tanning. we all have different skin tones for a reason.
  • K-State athletics. embarrassing.  
  • Store-bought sweets. gross. [that's store, not bakery]
  • big cars. cars in general. i love walking.
  • drinking shots. 
  • running.
  • winter. seriously - 6 months of this crap?
  • polaroids. 
  • Signed picture frame mats.
  • scrapbooking - maybe more accurately named crap-booking. stickers should have nothing to do with your photographs. i promise.
  • fast food. you really think that crap tastes good?
  • chemical cleaning products. grooossssssssssssssss! all method, all the time, please.
*After many years of declaring hatred for the Rolling Stones, I stated that I didn't mind them so much the other day. Then the radio station at my new work** played an all day marathon of those jerks. Hate is not a strong enough term. LOATHE is more accurate. 

**More on 'new work' later.


CarolinaDivina said...

i really like the couch from you 2006 post called hello friend
where did you find it?

Nicole said...

The sofa is from room and board. Which reminds me that it's about time for a house style post...