03 January 2009


I thought I'd give a little recap of 2008. What a year.
  • January - We got engaged! So far 2008 is good.
  • February - Don takes a trip to the ER with the flu.
  • March - Laine comes to Chicago! Wedding dress browsing. This is way fun. My mom comes to visit.
  • April - We take our first real vacation to San Francisco. My mom, Grandma, and Aunt Carmem come to visit for my 25th birthday. 
  • May - We decide where to get married. We move to a new apartment. It is pretty much the best idea ever.
  • June - Don falls off bike and breaks collar bone - another trip to the ER. I take a convertible trip with my Dad. My office goes down to working 4 days a week due to crappy economy.
  • July - Don turns 25 amidst the healing and boredom of inactivity. 
  • August - not much to report - I can't remember, although I'm sure we did something.
  • September - Yvonne comes to Chicago! A trip to Missouri for Labor Day. 
  • October - um...another visit from my Mom. Bucktown Apple Pie Contest. 
  • November - We elected Barack! And witnessed the night in Grant Park first hand. Our photographer and friend Eric came up to take engagement photos. Rented a car and drove to Missouri for Thanksgiving. My boss loaned me out to a new firm as mine was about to go down to 3 days a week....
  • December - Another visit to the ER when my Dad and Stepmom came to visit - this time because Marilyn tripped and busted her chin (ouch). Traveled back to Kansas for the holidays. Didn't see nearly enough people.
Amidst all this has been wedding planning, the task of moving, the usual crafting, baking, woodworking that happens in our house. The quest to stay healthy, the worry that we both might be out of a job any day, and the scheming of ways to make extra money. Although it was an exciting year (in good and bad ways), we are very much looking forward to 2009. Hopefully it brings a more stable economy and renews the architectural profession. Most importantly - we are getting married - which is a pretty big deal if you ask me. I hope everyone had a good new year's celebration and wish you health, wealth and happiness in 2009!