05 February 2009

an experiment in 'primitive' living

As I mentioned quite some time ago, we decided to live without a TV connected to any outside signal. How have we been getting along without this modern convenience? 


And now that our DVD player died, we don't even have a TV displayed at all. It is lovely. We desire to live this way forever now, without a 'boob tube' cluttering up our living room or our lives. [see - nothing but photos, plants, and our lovely Tivoli radio:]

I tell people this and they are baffled at how we live this way or what we might be doing with our time. We don't even miss it. [Ok, so we were starting to miss it around inauguration time, but that was all on the internets, anyway. All things we are interested in watching can be found for free on the internets. Seriously - free. Hulu.com is marvelous. And Netflix - we love Netflix.] Instead of getting old and fat and lazy in front of a TV, we exercise, cook a good dinner, work on wedding crap, work on side projects to get us through this wedding and recession, all sorts of stuff. 

And - brace yourselves -  we TALK to each other. I know. It's a lost art [much like handwritten correspondence]. I find the timing of this fabulous, as we are getting to know one another even better before we get hitched.

We also listen to a whole lot of radio. Chicago Public Radio, to be specific. Public radio is one of my most favorite things. I could listen to it all night and day. Because you know what is better than being entertained? Receiving an education while you're being entertained. Which public radio always does, and tv rarely does. 

So, in my defense, my blogging absence is not due to laziness, but instead super productiveness. I'll try to do better. 

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Bird* said...

wow. congrats! i have been without a tv for 2 years and do not miss it one bit. i too, find plenty of other ways to keep myself entertained :)